Saturday, 11 June 2016

Beautiful Me

Hello everyone
( this was ment to be the first AWAM - Art With A Meaning post ... but i didnt have the confidence so I just saved the post- to read the first post click Here )
Hope you all are doing well
Today I have planned to start something new... I am generally a lazy person and really don't write much about my project....
But I have planned to make different stuff to reflect certain thoughts.... art with a meaning...
And usually we just look at things from surface level and do not bother to look deep into the hidden meaning of it....
I have not got a gift of gab but ya wanted to become a writer when I was in school ... I just wanted to express my thought to the world so today let’s start with this simple layout

It may look like a layout trying to show different ways to use one stamp? yes it defiantly does  ... but it has a deeper meaning to it....  every image has been coloured with different shade depicting the diversity of hum race.... every hair is coloured differently just to show that we all are different yet everyone is are beautiful... yes you are beautiful...... no matter what is your skin colour what is your hair colour what is your hair texture,  what features you have, how old you are or how many wrinkles, freckles’ or pimples  u have it doesn’t matter at all ... you are special and unique..... Don’t try to look like others don’t ever feel you are not pretty if u has a dusky skin colour or curly hair... (I don’t understand from where this theory has originated that people with dark skin colour rant pretty? my niece just 5 is so conscious about her skin colour and drinks milk just thinking she will be fair one day?! I feel it’s completely wrong on my sister’s part to put these stuff inside her head and it is also an influence of media...who on earth has actually become fair by using Fair and Lovely??! ) ..
Being fair when I talk about everyone being beautiful , people usually tell me that I don’t understand how difficult for them to live in this racist and orthodox society with everyone being judges by skin colour ... what I surely understand is the feeling of low self esteem and feeling of being called ugly ! Though I am fair I had pimples covering 80% of my face all my teenage.... approx 10 yrs from now I had my first pimple and it never left till date.. I took a lot of medicines controlled my diet….. did all I could but nothing helped :( and the first thing anyone would notice about me when they met me was my I have just a few pimples that sometimes pop up .... But to be honest I don’t care!!!! I don’t care at all ... infact I am at times happy that people are not just attracted to me by my outer beauty  but those in my life are people who like me because of a person I am ... 
What I felt all my childhood I don’t want anyone else to feel

I never had a single person to tell me that yes no matter how u look it doesn’t matter u are beautiful because u are what u are (except one friend ) .... but today I don’t need anyone to tell me I am beautiful because I know I am .... I don’t have the perfect jaw line or a sharp nose not even a clear skin but yes I am still beautiful..... And all you lovely ladies reading this remember you are beautiful <3 

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  1. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder..,, those with narrow minds will search for beauty outwardly but the soul needs to be beautiful