Thursday, 15 October 2015

DIY bow embellishment

hello everyone ,
making my own embellishments is something that i love to do :)
embellishments are something that can bring life to your project instantly and they are so cute to make :) so i have planed to do a series of blogs and tutorial on embellishments
most of them being really versatile and can be used for any projects from scrapbooks to cards to any day to day use
so today i have a short and simple tutorial for you  all it is "HOW TO MAKE BOW"
you can make a bow with a variety of materials like cloth ribbon paper and the list goes on but today we will see how to make bow from
1) lace and
2) tutu

so lets start with LACE BOW:
the materials required are:
1) any lace
2) thread/ wire or anything to tie your lace
3) pearl
4) hot glue

that is all :)

and the material for the TUTU BOW are the following
1) tutu
2) thread/ wire or anything to tie your lace
3) pearl
4)black lace
5) glue gun
the materials are almost the same
and here is the tutorial

the size can be changed accordingly to suit your project 
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