Sunday, 29 March 2015


You can now make your own enamel dots using just 2 supplies your glue gun and acrylic paints/nail paints. Make dots using your glue gun it will take some practice but is not really hard. you can make them of any size you want. this is what it will look like :) try making them on silicon mat so that you can easily peal them off 

 When it is cool peel them off and apply paint i recommend using nail polish it gives shine to your dots. I also tried using acrylic paints but i personally did not like it.
 you can use cheap nail polish or polish which just small amount left in it. you can also use two coats of different colors but wait for each layer to dry first .

the blue and green dots which are in the right hand top corner were made using acrylic paints but i really didn't like it :p
these are the other enamel dots

i made this hair pin/clip using these dots :)

hope you liked it :)

have a creative day

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